Birthday party

Woooo hooo I’m nearly 10!!!

I’m having a party to celebrate: will you join me?


29th November 2017 is 10 years to the day since I treated my very first patient as a qualified acupuncturist!

What a whirlwind it’s been! Started at Woodland Herbs doing just 3 hours a week and working a full time job: to just 10 years later, established in my OWN clinic with therapists renting from me!!

I have learned a LOT over this time: lots from patients themselves and from other therapists, books and of course courses!

Patients have taught me

  • That almost everyone has something about their body they don’t like!
  • I’m not the only one who isn’t perfect when it comes to self care
  • About moon cups
  • About many health conditions
  • What tv shows and movies are must watch!
  • Books I have to read : again often condition related e.g. That omega 6 oils are good for mental health
  • Patience
  • Learned to listen better: and try not to always give advice!
  • Understanding
  • Empathy and compassion

I could go on forever but I won’t!

I’ve learned from colleagues too: other disciplines of medicine and how they all link together!

I’ve learned a few more needling and diagnosing styles over the years: giving me more choices when it comes to attacking what ails you!

Overall I feel I have matured into my profession and love that the average person that now comes to me I find relatively easy to treat as it has become such an integral part of my life and way of thinking that I see relationships within our bodies and how to best treat them sooo much quicker than I did 10 years ago!!!!

I am proud of the practitioner I am: I genuinely care that you get better and am continuing to refine and hone my skills, as well as adding complimentary ones (i.e. Chinese herbs, fertility massage, facials) to enable me to provide you with the best care I know how to give.

About Paula

Paula is a degree qualified acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupunture, aromatherapy facials, cupping and ear candling therapies, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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