Rolfing by James

 My name is James Howard (aka James The Rolfer). I’ve been working as a Rolfer for 10 years, helping people to change their posture, get pain free and get a better understanding of their body and movement habits. Initially working in Edinburgh but now offering sessions on Mondays in Glasgow […]

Privacy Policy

So as I am sure you are as sick of hearing about GPDR , i’ll keep it short, but I think the new legislation on data protection and the transparency it provides us with what businesses are doing with our details. in practical terms, it changes nothing for me and […]

Why do I look at your tongue?

Often, as a degree qualified acupuncturist, I ask to look at your tongue to help me diagnose and therefore decide which points to use.   I am looking at 4 things when I look at your tongue: the tongue body colour the body shape the coating on the tongue the moisture […]

Reynaulds disease/phenomenon

Today is the awareness day for the condition most frequently termed reynaulds disease. It is a condition affecting many People and causes pain and discomfort. It’s causes are still unknown but it involves a temporary decrease in blood flow, resulting in reduced sensation and poor oxygenation and is affected by […]

Alternative Advent Calendar

Think it is safe to say we all know Christmas is on its way! I also get a very strong feeling of dissatisfaction from many of my clients about the way the world is working, about its incessant greed, must buy, the sense of entitlement and the general selfish, bitter […]