Kinesiology muscle testing identifies the precise hidden causes and the nature of blockages in the energy system.

These blockages often take the form of old negative beliefs and recurring emotional patterns which seem to be out with our conscious control but which cause the build up of anxiety, tension or depression. This kind of blockage can be compared to a computer virus which continues to sabotage the functioning of the computer until it is identified and removed.

Uncovering and correcting these underlying tendencies brings a refreshing sense of relief, freedom and and clarity, often revealing surprising personal insights.

These techniques provide a clear framework for ongoing healing and personal growth and this particular system of Kinesiology has been described as “discovering the fundamental truth at the heart of the problem”...or “like finding the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle”.

This helps us to move forward with a sense of growing self awareness, vitality and wellbeing, with fresh new perspectives on the issues that have been holding us back and causing distress or dis-ease.

I often use Reiki and Guided Visualization to conclude the Kinesiology session as a means of allowing the mind and body to settle down within the newly balanced energy. With this in mind I suggest that, if possible, you plan for a quiet time following your session... a time to relax and to reflect on your healing insights.

“I hadn’t heard of Kinesiology when my GP suggested it as an option to help me cope with depression and anxiety. I didn’t know what to expect but was willing to try anything. I couldn’t believe how effective that first session was and at the end I felt as though the tension had left my body. I still see Jenny on a regular basis and always look forward to my appointments. I’m just so glad that my GP made that suggestion.”

“My GP referred me to Jenny some time ago and I have been having regular kinesiology sessions ever since. Her manner is always reassuring and we have worked closely together addressing my anxiety, my fear of flying and a deeply buried childhood trauma. It is to jenny’s credit that I opened up concerning the latter and I will always be indebted to her for her skill and professionalism.”

“...a wise, experienced and capable practitioner...”

Cupping @ Health Rediscovered, Glasgow


Cupping is one of the many therapies that make up traditional Chinese Medicine.

Paula utlilises her knowledge and skills of both this ancient tradition and her palpation/body work expertise as a massage therapist and uses the cups in a way that may help to reduce muscular and joint pain, as well as improving immune function, clearing out infections, and helping to open the chest to clear the lungs, so fantastic for coughs/ bronchitis/ COPD.

Cupping is one of the many therapies that make up traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Can't thank Paula enough for her care and attention. I felt relaxed and comfortable both in going through the in depth questionnaire and the treatment itself. After weeks of debilitating back pain I am beginning to feel relief after just one treatment. Can't wait till next week. Had fun explaining the bruises to my husband!"

-Bale L.

"Had an appointment with Paula yesterday; had cupping and acupuncture. Paula told me it would be 24 hours before full benefits really kick in. Went out for some air this morning and managed to walk slowly for 20 mins no pain!!! Will try again tomorrow but hope this is the recovery starting. This is all due to Paula - thanks you're a star"

-Annie I.

"Have seen Paula for a few years now to help with back pain. Have had massage, cupping and acupuncture. Always leave feeling refreshed and revitalised. Great to have found an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner."

-Marie A.

Testing For Food Sensitivities

To ensure accuracy, Kinesiology is used to carry out a basic balancing of the body’s energy before applying muscle testing to identify any allergies or sensitivity. I test for the main food groups so if you suspect any more unusual foods, please bring them along to your session.

Please note that I do not test for medicine prescribed by your GP or other health professional, but I can check out your own personal health supplements and can specify the best dosage/regularity if you bring them with you.

Testing For Bach Flower remedies

Dr Edward Bach discovered 38 flower remedies, each for a specific emotional and mental state, plus a combination of five remedies designed for difficult or demanding situations, which he called the Rescue Remedy.

37 of the 38 remedies are based on single flowers and tree blossoms. The exception, Rock Water, is made from the water of a natural spring with healing properties.

Kinesiology can identify precisely which remedy best suits your individual needs. Please note that I do not supply the remedies but will provide details of local suppliers.


A simple, natural and safe method of healing that anyone can use.

It reduces stress and promotes healing as this unseen “life force energy” flows through and around the body.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit, often resulting in feelings of peace, wellbeing and security.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy: Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient and natural treatment that is deeply soothing and relaxing.

In addition to the candles this treatment involves a face, neck and shoulders massage

Ear Candling is an ancient and natural treatment that is deeply soothing and relaxing. In addition to the candles this treatment involves a face, neck and shoulders massage