Archives for October 2017


I have a friend on Facebook that I have known for years, we did our 1st degree together, and have since moved in different directions. That person seems to be obsessed with evidence and often posts seemingly negative reviews. I took the time to read the one they shared the other day: The title […]

Mental health awareness day 2017

As part of our mission to help the wonderful folks of Glasgow to rediscover their health we were giving our time and services away for free in recognition of world mental health day. I offered acupuncture in a group setting where I placed just 4 needles in the ears to help stimulate the vagus nerve […]

Being a therapist

I am now entering my 15th year as a therapist: originally massage, soon followed by acupuncture and have been practicing back in Glasgow, as an acupuncturist for 10 whole years now!!!! I have recently signed up for some new training and there was a term in it that I found vaguely jolting. It said something […]

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