A Beautiful Moment

Today ( 17th April 2019) I had the great honour of massaging a beautiful souls’ abdominal area (and rib cage).

This area is called the ‘Hara’ in Japan, it encompasses not only the abdominal area, but the ribcage and round to the lower back. I was taught this massage technique a few years ago and its a treatment i love providing. I like use hara massage just to explore, to get a sense of how the intestines, bladder, diaphragm are all feeling – using my finger tips to explore and release any areas of tension, improve the blood flow, relax and release the organs, support the space that all these vital organs are stored.

Today however was far less about the physical, both myself and patient were quiet, in both body and mind. I am so lucky as a therapist that I get such joy and peace whilst working.  For her I think it was about reconnecting with herself – getting very much out of her head and allowing herself to feel… Gut feeling truly has a significant meaning – it has its own, independent, nervous system that influences our central nervous system.  Beautiful is the word she used to describe the treatment and I couldn’t agree more. Abdominal work is such sacred, intimate work and I am truly blessed to have been allowed to work so intuitively with an area of the body we rarely share with our beloved let anyone practical strangers! 

About Paula

Paula is a degree qualified acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupuncture, aromatherapy facials, cupping and ear candling therapies, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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