Natural Relief from Anxiety, Glasgow

  • Sick of wearing that “I am alright” mask
  • pretending all is okay?
  • Tired and exhausted from the constant niggles in the back of your mind
  • Your inner critic shouting so loud its all you can hear?
  • shattered but unable to sleep?
  • Feel constantly restless
  • Unable to relax
  • Your mind running away with you – always jumping to the worst case scenario.
  • using alcohol, drugs or food to cope?

Don’t worry, despite how it feels, it won’t last for ever I PROMISE.

It is time for you to get help to take control and get relief from your anxiety here in the heart of Glasgow

Paula and Michelle have both tried and tested MANY tools and tips to help improve our own mental health issues (Paula has written about her’s here.) As well as helping one to one, to get free from anxiety in our Glasgow city centre clinic

Anxiety has affected many people, with the ongoing effects of the pandemic taking its toll, the effects of lockdown have been felt across the nation with almost half (49.6%) of people reported high anxiety.

The most common treatment offered are psychiatric medications, which can have many side effects and they absolutely have their place, but you are here with Acupuncturist Paula and massage therapist Michelle, because you are seeking another solution, one that offers to support you, mentally, physically and spiritually to create a holistic shift to your well-being, helping you find the power within you.

Mastering Your Emotions

You can start getting relief from your anxiety today. By deciding to take control NOW by developing an understanding and respect for your emotions, finding out WHY you feel certain ways. I believe being able to fully accept and process our emotions is key to improving our mental health. And learning to feel them requires some retraining, along with some acupressure points and other tools to help you, you can start to challenge your thinking and start to fix those misfiring neurons and get anxiety relief.

If you need more support (and frankly who doesnt!), we have a combination of treatments, in Glasgow city centre, that will be tailored to help you get free of all those symptoms of your anxiety or depression.

Get the support you need to be free of that fatigue, insomnia, oversleeping, digestive complaints, low mood, and the physical symptoms, the palpitations, the breathlessness, the restlessness and so forth. 

We can offer a combination of one to one treatments, lifestyle & health coaching to help you give you back your control, your power and give you lasting relief from Anxiety from our Glasgow clinic.

Drop us a message to book in for your FREE consultation where we can discuss HOW we can help you.

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