My thoughts on feelings

Emotions are our bodies way of saying something ain’t right – listen to it – and allow it – if the same thing comes up over and over and over again (and not necessarily appropriate) then do something about it – see me (acupuncturist), get some talking therapy (i can recommend a few folks), get out in nature, change your job, whatever it needs to be – listen to your body and respond.

neuro/scalp acupuncture.

The latest addition to Paula’s tool kit is commonly known as ‘scalp acupuncture’ but is often also referred to as neuro-acupuncture.  It is the culmination of Doctor. Shunfa Jiao,  years of work and research.  He was a neurosurgeon, that in 1971 attempted scalp acupuncture for the 1st time on a patient that had just had […]

Rolfing by James

 My name is James Howard (aka James The Rolfer). I’ve been working as a Rolfer for 10 years, helping people to change their posture, get pain free and get a better understanding of their body and movement habits. Initially working in Edinburgh but now offering sessions on Mondays in Glasgow as well. I help people […]