Summer Sessions

Hot Stone Massage

the best massage i have ever received, period”

Michelle is offering 3 whole hours of hot stone bliss for just £99


£99 for 3 hot stone massages

This package will help you get on top of all that stress and tension you are feeling – leaving you lighter and freer to enjoy all our ‘summers’ have to offer.

Click here to purchase – offer will only be around in July 2019!!

Master Your Mental Health

Summer is often a time of late nights and lots of social invites – this can be very hard if our mental health isn’t great.  

Paula has combined her degrees in psychology and acupuncture, in addition to the skills shes picked up managing her own mental health to create a package that will set you up to be able to USE your feelings to your advantage -creating the life you want to live.

It starts with a Workshop on Monday the 15th July at 630pm.  IN this workshop we will explore what feelings and emotions are, and how that can be useful to us, as well as learning techniques to calm, centre and ground ourselves so we are better able to manage those feelings.  

Following this, the package gives you 4 acupuncture sessions to help support you, regulating your nervous system so you are better able to start making the transition to a better life. 

Buy the package here and start Monday the 15th. 




Feeling like you are unravelling?

Stress free Session

Paula is offering FREE acupuncture to groups of 4.  The treatment helps to regulate the vegus nerve, thus shutting down the stress hormones.  Booking is essential, new, existing & previous patients are all welcome to attend monthly – bring a friend or colleague!

Appointments at various times throughout the month.


You will learn key acupuncture points to help reduce the pain felt in labour, reduce the length of the labour and even reduce the need for medical intervention!

Acupressure for Labour

(select) Saturdays 1pm-2pm

A workshop led by acupuncturist Paula Wilson-Young, aimed at Mums to be and their birthing partner. 

You will learn acupressure techniques and points that will help to reduce the pain felt in labour, reduce the length of the labour and even reduce the need for medical intervention!

Runs every other month on a Saturday afternoon. Other times can be arranged by request.

Cost is just £8 for the two of you, and includes a fact sheet to aid your memory on the day.

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Summer Sessions