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Today was an interesting one, following all the hype generated by the Olympians and their interesting markings, I had an interview with Katrina Tweedie where I explained dry cupping and also gave a demo LIVE!!

Didn’t know that was coming but there will forever be a wee video of me on Facebook doing my stuff.

Cupping is a part of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is wonderfully useful at breaking up tension, stopping a muscle spasm and alleviating fatigued muscles. It is also traditional used to treat infections, and has for example been shown to have a positive impact on the herpes virus, among others.

It is a bizarrely relaxing treatment on the whole: once the cups are on you feel almost like a tightness or pressure as your tissues are pulled into the cup. After a few moments generally you forget they are there, but once released (after a maximum of 10 minutes static) you feel lighter and freer. It can even be used cosmetically to help clear the complexion and reduce puffiness.

Cupping therapy is part of Traditional Chinese medicine, wonderfully useful at breaking up tension, stopping a muscle spasm and alleviating fatigued muscles
There are three ways I use cups in my Glasgow clinic.

The first is static – so cups are left in place, over acupuncture points or muscular areas of concern.

The second: moving cupping whereby the cups are placed with suction and moved around a problem area: fantastic for tension, and general over worked muscles

The third: flashing cupping, this technique involves quick repeated application of the cups over an area that generally won’t hold static: I have used for plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorders and Bell’s palsy.

It’s a wonderful additional therapy and a great massage tool.

I plan to run some training in it in the not too distant future 😄

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Paula is a degree qualified accredited acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupuncture, cupping, pregnancy and abdominal massage, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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