Cupping is a fantastic way to create movement within the body.

It involves creating a vacuum to lift and pull the skin, muscles, fascia into the cup, away from the body.  Cupping is an ANCIENT practice used in MANY countries – including good old Scotland!

Paula was taught the techniques as part of her Acupuncture degree.  Combining her knowledge and training of both western massage techniques, and that of the Traditional East Asian Medical model to provide ways to help you and your body feel easier, to feel lighter, more relaxed (physically and mentally!)

cupping therapy
Static Cupping

There are a few techniques she can adopt depending on what you need: including popping, static or moving cupping. .

How does Cupping work

As an acupuncturist I am qualified to use a variety of cupping techniques and styles. Most frequently I use fire cupping It looks about as exciting as it feels! The flame is placed temporarily inside the specialist glass cup to burn off the oxygen and then quickly applied to the skin (no flame involved) to lift and pull the tissues up into the cup. I also use glass cups with a pump attached for smaller more delicate areas such as the face.

  • Static is when they are left in place – typically over a large area of muscle tension
  • Popping is great for smaller areas of the body, e.g. the soles of the feet – amazing treatment for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Moving is wonderful when whole areas need to be invigorated, it massively helps to release large areas of tension, as well as improving the blood flow to the whole area – e.g. on the face.

What does cupping do?

Cupping is a massage technique and offers the same benefits as massage.

  • increases circulation
  • supports lymphatic movement
  • encourages nourishment of the muscles and surrounding tissues
  • breaks down adhesions/scar tissue
  • helps the body to process toxins
  • improves immune function
  • resets the nervous system: taking you into relax, rest and repair.
  • encourages cell repair.
  • create new blood vessels in the tissue
  • form new connective tissues
  • remove oedema
  • improve breathing and alleviate coughs and symptoms of asthma

Testimonials from those who received Cupping

“Can’t thank Paula enough for her care and attention. I felt relaxed and comfortable both in going through the in depth questionnaire and the treatment itself. After weeks of debilitating back pain I am beginning to feel relief after just one treatment. Can’t wait till next week. Had fun explaining the bruises to my husband!” Louise B.

“Had an appointment with Paula yesterday; had cupping and acupuncture. Paula told me it would be 24 hours before full benefits really kick in. Went out for some air this morning and managed to walk slowly for 20 mins no pain!!! Will try again tomorrow but hope this is the recovery starting. This is all due to Paula – thanks you’re a star” Annie I.

“Have seen Paula for a few years now to help with back pain. Have had massage, cupping and acupuncture. Always leave feeling refreshed and revitalised. Great to have found an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner.” Marie A.

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