The Elements of Vitality

The Elements of Vitality: optimising your life!

Are you ready to optimise YOUR life?

To take back the control – to learn simple to implement changes that you KNOW will support you physically, mentally and spiritually? To create and be the change you want to see in this world?

With Paula’s 12 week programme you will examine every aspect of your life, giving you the opportunity to really SEE where you can make small changes that have a BIG effect.

This programme is for you if

  • 💚you are ready to feel free
  • 💙you are ready for more energy
  • 💛you want more from life
  • 🧡you want control over your emotions
  • 🖤you want control over your mind
  • 🧡you are ready to take ownership of your physical and mental health
  • 💜you are READY to put in the work to continue improving & growing as a human.

What does it involve?

A weekly video and accompanying workbook direct to your inbox, where we will examine the Pillars of health using the Chinese Medicine Model

You can also join our weekly group coaching call – where we can explore what you have discovered from your homework each week.

Furthermore, you can message me ANY TIME to discuss what has come up for you and explore ways to break through it.

Doors are currently CLOSED: next intake due to be October 2020 – message me to get priority booking.

What we will cover:

  • creating a more balanced life
  • how to manage and USE your feelings/emotions to your advantage
  • how to optimise your day to set you up for success
  • explore personality dynamics (archetypes, 5 elements and values
  • diet/food/ways to optimise your health
  • the importance of movement – and other ways to move.
  • simple techniques to improve your connection to you – breath work, guided meditations, affirmations
  • compassion….

and so much more…

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