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We are in our new location within Waterloo Chambers, 19 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 6AY.

It’s literally round the corner from our old clinic on Gordon Street…

Waterloo Chambers is on the left hand side of Waterloo street (as you walk AWAY from central station/Hope Street).  Walk past the ‘SSE’ on the corner, then past  ‘Nandos’, ‘Kitty O’Sheas’, and Nomad and you are there 19 WATERLOO CHAMBERS – if you get to ‘Rhoderick Dhu’ or ‘The Woods’ YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!

Within Waterloo Chambers..

Please note that the gate is locked after 520pm (ish) or at the weekends – we will come and meet you at the gate a minute or 2 before your appointment time – I PROMISE WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU

You come up approx. 8 small wee steps, through 2 open doors (if evening/weekend you will be accompanied by Michelle/Paula).

Say Hi to Bobby on the right, the resident security guard IF YOU WISH – YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHECK IN WITH HIM).

Take the stairs, or hop in the lift up to the 3rd floor

Turn to your LEFT – at the secure door you’ll see buzzers – press the one for Health Rediscovered (should be installed by the 27th July 2021), you’ll then be warmly greeted by a (mask dawned) happy face in the form of either Paula or Michelle.

Directions for Drivers.

I must confess I do tend to take the train to work, but have driven around it quite a bit (brining LOTS of deliveries!!).   Please accept these are rough guidelines only – the bus lanes etc seem to be changing all the time, and of course these don’t account for road closures for repairs, filming etc.. so don’t rely solely on my directions – please use your common sense.

PARKING RULES (as I understand them!)

Some choose to park at either Buchanan Galleries (£3.80 for  <2 hours) or St Enoch Centre (£3.80 for <2 hours), the physical closest is the Waterloo Q-Park, but costs £6 for <2 hours.

There is also an app you can use to pay for on street parking (£8 for 2 hours max plus 40p admin fee for ringgo). 

Street Parking charges apply from 8am – 6pm 7 days a week. For an hour appointment I’d suggest 1hour and 15 as a minimum.   Outwith these hours street parking is free, its also okay to park on SINGLE yellow lines (as long as not causing an obstruction)..


If you have a blue badge there are a few accessible spaces directly outside the clinic main entrance.

To acccess these due to bus lanes regardless of how you come into town (I think this is the only way)… need to get to Argyll street (heading into town) then LEFT onto Hope Street (just before the Heilanman’s Umbrella). Snake your way up between the busses and taxi lane, turn LEFT onto Waterloo Street: accessible spaces to the left side at the entrance to the clinic.   DO NOT GO PAST WATERLOO CUT OFF – its authorised vehicle only aka bus lane, as is Oswald Street now)

Junction 19 M8 East Bound

Come off at junction 19 of the M8 onto Bothwell street.

FOR Q-Park Waterloo Street:

Take 1st available RIGHT down Blytheswood Street, RIGHT onto Waterloo Street – Q-park available on left.

Street parking also available on almost all surrounding streets, except Waterloo! Personally I’ve been going for Wellington Street, or Cadogan street and walking round.

Junction 19 M8 West Bound

Come down to the lights (near Anderston train station), turn LEFT onto Argyll Street….

Street Parking:  LEFT onto West Campbell Street, then find a spot!

Q-Park: turn left on to West Campbell Street, then left onto Waterloo Street and left into the car park.


The cycle lane is on the opposite side of the road, and operates in both directions.  The nearest bike stand is outside Nandos.

About Paula

Paula is a degree qualified accredited acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupuncture, cupping, pregnancy and abdominal massage, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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