I trust you are well..

The other week I happened to bump into a couple, who have both been patients of mine whilst wandering through Central Station to work – it surprises me how infrequently I’ve seen my lovely patients out and about in the ‘real world’. I should point out that i’ll only ever acknowledge you after you have me (don’t want you feeling you have to talk to me, or explain who I am to others!)

After the initial – ah yes – your that gal that sticks needles in me face they were both full of apologies for not coming to see me sooner, but that they had both been doing well. I must confess, I assume that if i haven’t seen you for a while it is because you are doing well and not needing me.

My business is a weird one – my job is to get you well (and therefore rid of you) but as a business i want to see you! I tend to fall in the former category and let the business side of things take care of themselves. I see myself as a part of your journey through life, as you are a part of mine – I learn from my patients every day – even if its a wee tidbit of info on some very random topic (like tax today), or i learn something new about you that means I need to modify my techniques to get you where you want to be, and hope that continued love for learning helps improve your experience with me.

It may sound super cheesy and a cliche but i GENUINELY want nothing but the best for you, and can see the power of acupuncture working to give you the life you want to live – be that a bigger family, less PMT, painfree, a more stable emotional/mental life, freedom from depression, what ever it may be, I will use all the skills and experience I have to try and help you get that. I want you fighting fit and no longer NEEDING to see me frequently for the condition you came for treatment for!! Some of my patients do like to continue to support their health/life with maintenance sessions, every 4-8 weeks just to keep on top of their health (mostly stress management and energy improvement), but most disappear until they have another condition

Even if I haven’t seen you for YEARS – please don’t hesitate to get in touch about the same condition having returned, or something completely new and different – if acupuncture has worked for you in the past, chances are it will again.

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