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On saturday the 16th June 2019 I was reminded via facebook that it was 16 years since I flew out to South Korea, little did I know that was the start of a huge shift in my life and career. I am often asked how I chose this unusual career.

SOuth korea is the kind of place where if you saw another white person you said hi, so I did in an internet cafe to a wonderful woman called Pat who introduced me to a wee natural health centre.

I attended regular classes๐Ÿคธโ€โ™€๏ธ there and turned up January 2013 with a lovely bandage on my right wrist – I had poured boiling water over my wrist whilst cooking for a New Year Party I was hosting and had a 2nd degree burn! Arriving at class the teacher suggested I try acupuncture to help the healing – you can try it too

I watched with fascination as he treated the burn using a technique, I now know is called ๐Ÿ‰Surround the Dragon๐Ÿ‰. I have absolutely NO scarring and I attribute that to the acupuncture I received from him. I started to have regular treatments after that, and was lucky enough to be allowed to observe other folks treatments too (friends who were happy to have me in!). I also had my first abdominal massage there and have also learnt that technique as I found it to be absolutely amazing at relaxing me, let alone helping with my physical ailments such as digestive issues.

The couple that ran the centre opened my eyes to the options I had around the management of my health, discussing the damage the hormonal birth control I was taking, around alcohol ๐Ÿธ consumption and its effects on my mood. Roll on a few weeks I get a new flatmate, a wonderful woman called Suzanne, who was and still is an energy healer, yoga instructor and now spiritual coach, working in Cornwall – and the seed was planted.

I left South Korea 366 days after I arrived (outstaying my visa by 1 day), with a plan – I had investigated becoming an acupuncturist. I moved to Manchester in 2013, completed a massage qualification and gained my degree in Acupuncture.

During the degree I had my mind blown, finding out that what we consider totally normal and acceptable, PMT and period pain were NOT okay in acupuncture theory and that they could be fixed! I also found out that orgasms IMPROVE a woman’s energy, whilst drains a mans. I also learnt about the energetics of food – up until this point all I cared about were calories and fat – but actually I find thinking about what food can do to me energetically – warm me/cool me, nourish blood, yin yang etc makes it much to decide what to eat.

Just before graduating I was in the position to go to an acupuncture hospital in China with 5 of my fellow (soon to be) graduate acupuncturists and I could probably write loads about that experience – but for now – my take home was that my training was authentic and good – we got lots of compliments on our knowledge.

Then I returned to Glasgow, roll on a few years… having opened my own clinic, and now work alongside my wife, and other fab therapists, helping people one by one to improve their life. I am so very grateful I took that massive, scary leap of going half way round the world to do a teaching job.

Throughout this entire time and long before, I have been on an internal journey, which i have shared before, but it has given me such a wide variety of experience knowledge and skills, that I share with my patients to help them further their lives to.

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