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Low Cost Acupuncture Clinic in Glasgow

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In order to make acupuncture more accessible to those in Glasgow and surrounding areas I am introducing a new ‘pay what you can afford’ acupuncture service.

Acupuncture is accumulative, it is rare one session is enough, and most typically need more than one session a week to begin with, which I am aware becomes a financial barrier for some, and to help I want to offer low cost acupuncture where I can. I passionately believe that investment should not be a barrier to better health and am offering this service to ANYONE who needs it.

I am introducing it as a result of seeing the expanding waiting lists on the NHS, leaving more and more people suffering for longer and longer (currently 76 weeks for a knee replacement in NHS borders for example (reference), and folks don’t have to suffer all those months!

You will receive ‘normal’ treatment sessions i.e. it will include your initial consultation (if I have not seen you before) and the initial treatment, as well as the follow up sessions needed to improve health.

I will not ask you to disclose anything financial, nor ask you to justify what you are able to pay me, you will be treated like all my other gorgeous patients – with compassion, dignity and respect.

Suggested options: £20 per return session, £40 per return or full price £57 (please note these are suggestions – you will NOT be turned away if you can't afford these prices and you DON’T have to tell me). An honesty box will be left for you to put your cash in.

To book call Paula on 07964544110 or email her

Terms and Conditions for the Low Cost Acupuncture in Glasgow

  • These sessions are CASH only (as there are fees for card transactions).

  • I will require your card details to be stored and if you fail to attend or give me a minimum of 24 hours notice, your card will be charged the full fee (see pricing on booking system for details), not the donation amount you were able to pay.

  • The cash will be left anonymously so I wont know exactly what you were able to commit to financially.

  • This offer is subject to availability and is currently under trial – it may be stopped at any time (notice will be given)

  • Open to new and existing patients.

  • No limit to when you can come within Paula’s standard working hours.

  • There is a limit to how many of these sessions I can offer on any given week, so advance booking is required.

  • NOT available directly through the website or booking system – you need to contact Paula to book.

  • All other terms, conditions apply as normal.


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