Below you will find a link to Health Rediscovered’s privacy notice, it complies fully with the new data protection laws (GPDR).  Quick summary of it: I promise I will not sell or share your data with anyone else – primarily it is collected to provide you with the best service I can, I may use your email or phone number to promote events and therapies at the clinic or other such useful info, or to discuss your appointment.  All your info is stored securely (as it was previously!).   All other therapists that use the space are also subject to the same legal requirements, and have assured me they are also compliant.

Privacy Notice 24.5.18

Cancellation Policy

We respect both ours and your time, and that of other patients. I completely understand that sometimes life happens and you can no longer attend your booked session – all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible to allow us to offer that space to someone else.

We have a standard policy whereby you will be charged if you give us less than 36 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your session (details below).

  • If you give us less than 36 hours notice but MORE than 1 hour: it will cost you £20 to cancel or reschedule.
  • If you give us less than ONE hours notice or no notice, you will be charged the full fee of the session.
  • If we are able to give someone else your slot, then we will NOT charge you.
  • Cancellation fee is at the discretion of the therapist involved. Management does not get final say.

Please note at the moment with Covid-19 still an issue the policy has been updated to NO fee if cancelling for health issues, having been told to self isolate etc.

Covid-19 Specific Policy & what to expect

UPDATED 01.10.20

All patients needing care are welcome to come to the clinic.

We do still have prescreening in place

masks are currently compulsory in the clinic (if this may be an issue please contact Paula to discuss).

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