Care during the Pandemic

Safe Practice during

Covid-19 Pandemic

Many people are understandably nervous and confused by the information on what and what is not currently permitted in receiving care during the Pandemic. Paula and Michelle are doing all they can to keep on top of the latest updates on best care practices at the moment, and are adapting as needed.

If you are uncertain or need further clarification please do book a FREE call with Paula to discuss your options.

Paula has been back working since the middle of June 2020, with the full support of Glasgow City Council’s Environmental Health department and the British Acupuncture Council. Michelle was back from July 2020, but during the most recent ‘stay at home’ advice, has not been available to work – until now.

On the 18th of February 2021 the Scottish Government updated its guidance to say we are both ‘allowed to treat’ with a referral from a recognised medical professional such as a GP, Nurse or Physiotherapist. Please contact Paula to discuss.

What is Different

We completed a fresh Risk Assessment to take account of this novel airborne virus and have made some modifications to the clinic and procedures we follow:

In the Communal Areas

  • stairwell and banister cleaned more frequently throughout the day (landlord’s responsibility)
  • sanitiser has been installed at the top of the stairs
  • staggered appointments to stop chance of passing in stairwell (PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME)

Within the Clinic

  • Hand washing facilities fully available and accessible – and sanitiser if preferred
  • Request to attend the clinic alone (exception being a carer/translator)
  • reception area: desk only – chairs not available for visitors.
  • books, tester products etc have been removed.
  • no longer offering water during your session (as you would have to take your mask off to drink!)
  • Paula and Michelle wearing additional PPE (currently FFP2 mask, visor/safety googles & protective clothing)

Treatment Rooms

  • Treatment bed covers have been replaced with Vinyl
  • pillows are now in wipeable vinyl covers
  • neck support also now with vinyl covering
  • UV-C sterilisation has been installed in each room.

Toilet facilities

No changes here – you are still more than welcome to use our gender free toilet!

Your appointment.

  • in line with Scot. Gov guidelines, mask wearing is compulsory within ALL of the clinic area.
    • if you are exempt please contact to discuss with your therapist – this is to protect not only YOU, but the therapists working and the other patients who use the space.
    • With the newer more contageous strain a further risk assessment has deemed the need for the FFP2 masks – I have a supply I am selling at cost £2.50(using Korean made Air Queen masks). Their website states they can be cleaned and reused up to 10 times.
  • pre-screening email is sent out 36 hours before your appointment – please reply & confirm before your session (failure to do so will mean no access to the clinic)
  • first visit acupuncture sessions are now split into a 45 minute ONLINE or phone consultation, followed by an in person follow up session which will include manual assessment and your treatment.
  • treatments not currently available: facials, cosmetic acupuncture and ear candling
  • Classes have been taken online.

Additional Cleaning Protocols

Both Paula and Michelle completed Covid-19 specific courses, along with numerous meetings with the British Acupuncture Council to establish the best ways of working. 

We have checklists to ensure everything is cleaned between each and every appointment within the clinic. We use eco- friendly (but effective and tested for Covid-19) detergents and bamboo cloths.

We bring our workwear to the clinic in a sealed bag. We either use an apron or change our clothing when appropriate. Both to minimise the risk of cross contamination.

More recently, aprons have been added to practice.

Visors worn when near working near the ‘danger zone’ (face/head).

We have always worn separate clinic only shoes!

Local lock down Planning

As we all well know, the guidelines set out by Scot. Gov are subject to change depending on how we are doing generally with the pandemic.

We will adhere to that guidance & that of the British Acupuncture Council & the Scottish Massage Therapists Association who have also provided a roadmap to care depending on the level of the lockdown.

The current system is now a 5 level Tier system. The entire mainland is now in a temporary lockdown (in case you hadn’t noticed 🤪🤪🤪!!), this means we can only treat those with a medically diagnosed condition, that requires immediate attention, and is subject to confirmation from a medical professional. Please call/email to discuss or arrange a FREE online consultation with Paula to chat about it.

last updated 21.02.21

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