Rolfing by James

 My name is James Howard (aka James The Rolfer). I’ve been working as a Rolfer for 10 years, helping people to change their posture, get pain free and get a better understanding of their body and movement habits. Initially working in Edinburgh but now offering sessions on Mondays in Glasgow as well.

I help people with deep, sensitive hands-on bodywork, help soft tissue to relax, soften and let go of tension. I follow that up with education about movement so that old habits can be replaced with new and better ones. I often do this through the Rolfing 10 series but I also do shorter interventions of 3 or 4 sessions.

I’ve always been fascinated by the body, and it was through my yoga practice and teaching that I became curious about Dr Rolf’s approach.

My favourite clients are the ones that come ready to learn and change. Rolfing is essentially a collaboration between you and me, that gets your body to a better place and gives you the skills to stay there. I firmly believe that anyone can benefit from Rolfing, but I especially like working with the following groups:

1.People with chronic long term pain. Sometimes just a small reduction in pain makes a dramatic improvement to peoples quality of life. The 10 series approach and shorter interventions can be good for this group.
2.People curious to learn about their body and change their movement habits. The 10 series is the best way forward here.
3.People whose work demands a lot of their body and who therefore need their body to not let them down. I’ve been able to help dancers, musicians, hair and beauty stylists, artists working in mediums from stone to paint, desk workers and tradespeople get comfortable with the demands their work puts on their body. Initially the 10 series is really good for these clients, and occasional tune up sessions can also be helpful.
4.People with PTSD and anxiety. I do some voluntary sessions with a group of Armed Services Veterans at the Veterans’ Cafe [LINK]. This has made it very clear to me that a body-centred approach is very helpful in working through trauma.

Over and over, I’ve seen my work support people to change in powerful and sometimes surprising ways. Please get in touch if you want to discuss Rolfing with me.

There’s more info on my website jamestherolfer.com and you can book a session here, http://www.jamestherolfer.com/bookingcost.html




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