Self Care Products

Self Care Products

At Health Rediscovered it is our mission to help you help yourself, and here we are offering ways you can create better health for yourself, to take control by using our recommended self care products.

These self care tools can be used stand alone, or as a part of your ‘homework’ while receiving care with us, be that in person on with our online teaching and coaching packages.

Our Self Care Products Include:

Acupressure Ear Seed Sets, Ceramic Neti Pots, Wooden Abdominal Massager, cupping sets & easy to use Moxa Sets

Acupressure Self Care Products

Acupuncture points can be stimulated in a few ways: with the needle – I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you are an acupuncturist!!! However, acupressure you can easily perform yourself. Stimulation of the points creates a physiological cascade, encouraging your nervous system to regulate itself, which allows your body and mind to heal, help create the best possible version of you, while also alleviating any signs or symptoms you have.

Ear seeds offer a fantastic way to help improve your health naturally. They create pressure and a very subtle magnetic pull where they are placed.

The ear is a classed as a microsystem, a map of your body. The lobe of your ear being your head and face, the outer edge your spine and legs, with the middle big representing the middle of your body. Creating pressure on the areas that represent your body you will start to create a physiological cascade that creates harmony within your body.

The different sets are aimed at treating the symptoms of the most common things we see in clinic.

If your condition is not mentioned, or you need pain relief please do place your order and then drop us a message to let us know what you need and we’ll get a personalised treatment protocol created for you.

Acupressure Kit

This Self Care Product includes.

40 clear sticker, magnetic seeds (typically enough for a month)

1 set of tweezers

Full instructions on use

Protocol designed to alleviate the symptoms.

You can subscribe and receive ALL the protocols (excluding smoking cessation), and the full kit, and then each month you will receive more seeds direct to your door without having to reorder. You can cancel or pause at ANY time.

Ear Seed Kit for Insomnia £5

This prescription is designed to help you sleep longer and deeper, enabling you to feel more refreshed and energised throughout the day.

Self Care for Anxiety £5

This point prescription is perfect for those with symptoms of anxiety: racing heart, panic attacks, insomnia, overthinking, digestive problems, worry.

Self Care for Depression £5

This kit includes the point prescription to help alleviate depression by helping to regulate your nervous system: lifting your mood, quietening the inner critic, improving sleep quality and energy levels.

Stop Smoking Kit. £15. 00

A combination of ear and body points, and a step by step process to get you free from your addiction.

Includes a downloadable PDF to be completed, get clear on your WHYs, create your goals & crisis management.

For pain management or any other condition not listed above please do drop us an email and we can get one made up for you.

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