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On this page you will find some of my absolute favourite tool and techniques for helping ME to give myself some much needed self care.

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These tips for self care have been picked up both professionally, and personally.

I have been in practice since 2004, and have learnt SOO much from my patients over the years, and introduced to so many therapies, food theories, supplements etc. In addition, I have done extensive personal development (often inspired by my gorgeous patients!).

I have shared some of my favourites.

The Box Breathe/Square Breathe

Learning way to take control of your breathe can have life changing consequences. You can use your breathe to get an energy hit, to improve your immunity, to control your body’s reaction to temperature.

This particular style of breathe work helps to relax your body, and mind. Its one of my favorites as you can do it anywhere, any time. Just listen to the instructions below a few times to cement the technique then you know you can use it ANYTIME.

Here is a wee audio simply repeating the breathe for a minute or so to help you when you are out and about – you can save the link in your bookmarks.

Magnificent Me

Are you ready to step UP and take back control of your health – to create your own self care routine that helps to create the best version of you – one that helps you step into your magnificence?

With this wee link you can sign up to get an email a day for 30 days to help you find the tools you need to improve your physical and mental health. (for free!)

Improve your confidence

Improve your mood

Improve your energy

Improve your sleep

Learn to get free of what ails you by setting yourself up for success, exploring the 4 pillars of health: rest, fuel, emotions & movement.

Improve your Affirmations

I always read that affirmations were great for improving your mental health & relationship with yourself.

I felt like a failure at even doing affirmations: my wee inner critic became like a drunk heckler shouting down the affirmations “aye, right – you??” or “who you kidding?”, it was relentless.

I found that I felt WORSE after from the internal battle going on.

This was until I added acupuncture to the mix! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to combine them before – but the acupuncture instantly helped me to feel calmer, to switch off the logical intellect and tune in to the more emotional side of myself.

These two points in combination helped me to release the sense of burden I felt and allowed me to relax and be open to hearing and FEELING those affirmations, all thanks to acupuncture… I soon realised others needed this combo too.. and so I am sharing with you the two points you can use for acupressure combined with an affirmations recording.

  • Get yourself comfortable: sitting but relaxed.
  • take a few slow steady breathes
  • start the meditation
  • put your hand over your heart and over your lower abdomen, and follow the box breathe
  • then shift to applying pressure over Ren 17 for a few minutes
  • shift down to Stomach 40 and allow all that you carry to drift away – all the expectation you have on yourself, allow it to just melt away.
  • return to Ren 17 for the last few minutes

The Silent Scream

This little gem of a trick I was taught during my work with Kalyani as part of my totality therapy work. It is a great way to release those uncomfortable feelings – I have used it for my frustration, anger and also my anxiety.

It has also come in VERY handy around the PMT week for those strong uncontrollable feelings. (also check acupuncture point Liver 3 for acupressure for that too!)

It doesn’t have to be silent by the way – scream as loud as you want – maybe just warn your neighbours

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