The Happiness Project

I have been the person who has struggled with her mental health. Experienced the depths of despair, debated the fragility of life, considered if there is any point to it all. I have struggled with deep dark thoughts, been super critical of myself.

Putting things off due to a lack of energy, where it just feels like a mammoth mountain, far too big to climb. Dragging my body around like its a dead weight.

All while maintaining the mask of being happy and energised!


Over the years I have learned many different ways to challenge those thoughts, those patterns using a variety of tools, not only from my formal degree training in Psychology and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but from my personal development.

I have tested many of the techniques I have discovered and want to share with you FOR FREE the one I love and come back to over and over again.

THIS FREE course is for you if you are ready to

  • find ways to support your self
  • learn ways to break free
  • willing and ready to take responsibility
  • are ready to drop the mask you wear and actually FEEL good about lifea
  • want to tap into that abundance that is there for us all.
  • to find contentment.

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