The Phoenix

Recently I had the opportunity to expand my clinic into 3 rooms, I took the chance to create a new look for the clinic and decided to embrace the colours and imagery of our logo. I chose the legendary phoenix as my logo a few months before i opened Health Rediscovered in 2014, as I like the mythology of this magnificent creature. Its presence crops up in many cultures from China to Egypt and even Persia. All the mythology has immortality and rebirth at its centre.

I believe that having the hope that things can get better, that we can always improve our lives. I am regularly hearing people commenting on feeling much older than they are due to pain or fatigue or that their mental health problems are holding them back from embracing the life they want.

Acupuncture, massage and rolfing, all practiced in Glasgow city centre, are all transformative therapies that allow you to get out of your funk, get unstuck and make for a better life.

Within a few sessions most people feel much better not only in terms of their presenting condition, but in a general well-being sense too. They have a new lease on life, and if we keep that hope alive we can be transformed to create the life they want to lead. Be that freedom from pain, or improved awareness of our bodies allowing us to make better decisions around food and exercise, a sense of physical and mental release from tension, improved sleep and immunity all help create a renewed life.

This sense of revitalisation in life gives you the impotence to then go on and take on life with renewed vigour.

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