Top Tips to balance your Wood Element

We are in a state of transition: a shift from the Water Element into the Wood Element. Acupuncture theory has Elements at its foundation. The elements are represented in the seasons, we are leaving winter (Water) and heading into spring (Wood). This blog will help you get clear on spotting when its are out of balance and my top tips to help rebalance the Wood energies

Shifting between the Seasons
the ever changing weather in Glasgow: currently in the spring of deception

Its never a one day its winter and the next its spring, certainly not in Glasgow Scotland!! I think at the moment we are still experiencing more winter in the morning, while the afternoon is more spring like – bright, clear air, flowers are budding, but its not fully spring just yet – we are

Even in ‘normal life’ it is a time of change, of stirring, but I think this year its even more so with us all having been so restricted for so long and unable to grow, and adapt to what we can and can’t do, changing our expectations.

It has been a hard year for most people I think, those who are slower to adapt – bend with the wind, have found it more difficult.

Now in the middle of the 3rd lockdown it can feel like there is no end in sight, that things will stay like this forever, and its really taking its toll mentally. I can’t promise WHEN but I can GUARANTEE that things will change – its the only constant in the universe (that I know of!)

The Wood Element

The Wood element – that we are starting to see the beginnings of – is most definitely a popular season – one where we all tend to instinctively tend to look out into the world – to see how we can grow.

I have spoke before about this element: (You can read it here) .

Signs Your Wood Element is not in balance

  • feeling easily irritated, aggitated
  • insomnia – waking frequently or early every day
  • struggle to make decisions
  • headaches – especially throbbing ones, tension headaches
  • painful periods, and many of the PMT symptoms (irritability, clumsy, tender breasts/chest, bloating)
  • muscle tension: shoulders, neck, tense jaw, teeth grinding
  • pain on the side of the body – around the ribs
  • digestive complaints: bloating, changing bowel movements (e.g. IBS)
  • tired eyes, blurring of eyes.
  • stiff, tight muscles
  • depression, a lack of sense of hope

If you have any of these symptoms it is a sign that your Wood element is out of balance. Below are my top tips to balance your Wood Element and eliminate the above symptoms

Top tips to help balance your Wood element:

  • Sour foods such as lemon are great at helping to regulate the movement of the Wood energies: so great for PMT, tension, headaches, digestive issues.
  • Movement: create a regular, flowing movment such as Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Search for other choices/solutions to your problems: find ways to create that life you want, by making choices and changes that take you on that path.
  • Simplfy your life by taking some daily decisions away: e.g. pre plan your food, have a uniform, plan out your day.
  • Meditate to help create that space in your thoughts to allow inspiration to show itsself

Over in my group on Facebook I am diving deep into this Element, discussing in detail the many ways you can help to support optimal health at this time of year, finishing with a Mastermind Session to help you get super clear on where you are at, where you want to be and the action to take to help get you there and ready for the year ahead.

If you to join me on the masterclass subscribe here to get the workbook and the Zoom link – dont worry you don’t have to have your camera or mic on (unless you want to!)

About Paula

Paula is a degree qualified accredited acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupuncture, cupping, pregnancy and abdominal massage, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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