What can ๐Ÿ’šYOU๐Ÿ’š do to help… Part 1

A couple of Saturdays ago, a long term regular patient of mine asked for my ideas on being more ecologically conscious – her and her friends meet up regularly and have a conversation on what they can do to help.

I’ve been thinking and writing about it ever since – its such a HUGE subject. I often go through phases of feeling guilty as I know there is always more we can do – but if we become aware and change where we can its got to be better than nothing – surely?? I am ALWAYS open to new ideas in regards to this so please do throw some more ideas at me.

There are many ways we can look at our lives, and ways to change – and this post is to perhaps open your eyes to your own lifestyle and possible ways to change it. Lets start with Personal care.

Personal Care

This is a MASSIVE area: I find it helpful to look at what i do.

Cleaning YOU– most folks use commercial shower gels, shampoos, deodorant/, – they are full of fake chemicals, that not only are absorbed into your body, but go straight down the drain too, polluting our water etc. – in addition they are sold in small plastic containers.

Alternative ideas: natural, chemical free alternatives: I promote and use https://tropicskincare.com/collections/bath-and-body I also use bars of soap rather than shower gel, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar on my hair (which has actually slipped – so thanks to this reminder I will be using it again!)

Smells: for deodorant I was using a natural Crystal (but I have just read that it contains alum which when wet breaks down to ions which are both absorbed and toxic to us humans) so I have just ordered NUUD. Perfumes are becoming the next ‘second hand smoke’ – again lots of man made chemicals, in our perfumes, our body creams, our incense, our air fresheners etc, not to mention the plastic they can generate.

Nashers๐Ÿคฉ For my teeth I use bamboo toothbrushes – do check that the bristles aren’t synthetic (I’ve seen a fair few of them!) and again, good old bicarb – i have made a paste with coconut oil and peppermint, but most often just straight bicarb – and no complaints from my dentist or wife!

Polluted by Single- Use Plastic

Beautifying: make-up and moisturisers are much the same – most commercial ones are full of junk that not only ends up in your body, but also in our environment – Thailand has SHUT a gorgeous beach due to the devastating effects of sunscreen and other human pollution on the ocean life! Tropic offer a range of make-up with the same ethos as their body care. Consider the use of glitter/shimmer in your make up – that is often plastic!

Feminine Hygiene Products: most disposable items contain plastic, and at least the pads now, are perfumed – putting chemicals very close to a very delicate part of our anatomy. I use a menstrual cup – rubber, so decomposes, and reusable pads. Whilst it is vaguely more ‘grusome’ its my body and my waste so I’ll be responsible for it!

Its a lot to consider, and I’m more than sure my list isnt exhaustive.

About Paula

Paula is a degree qualified accredited acupuncturist, and full member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well as providing acupuncture, cupping, pregnancy and abdominal massage, she also manages Health Rediscovered and writes for our blog.

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