What can 💚YOU💚 do to Help.. Part 2


Cleaning Products🏡.

Again most of these come in small plastic packages and are full of fake chemicals which we not only inhale, but are absorbed into our bodies, and can create ‘super bacteria’ which then make us more ill.

In clinic, and at home I use natural products – for cleaning surfaces/bathroom i ADORE Method brand, for soap, dishes and floor cleaning I also use Bio brand (current soap in clinic is Rosemary and Thyme – and folks are loving it!). I also buy in LARGE, refillable quantities to minimise plastic, and number of deliveries.

Toilet roll – as if you didn’t already know I use and love WHO GIVES A CRAP,(get £5 off with this link). They provide either recycled (standard) or sustainable (premium) loo roll, kitchen roll (which I haven’t tried – I use a cloth instead) and the tissue paper, not only that but they are FUN – emails/products all have a bit of humour and MOST importantly 50% of their profits go to help build toilets where they are needed in the world. It is worth noting that you are getting 96 rolls, not 48 cos they are all double rolls – reducing the packaging & they use NO plastic wrappers.

Sponges and wipes (both for us and our homes) are mostly plastic – especially if they are cheap, and as we know plastic is destroying the earth – it NEVER decomposes, breaks down yes, but it will always be around. So do as your grannie did – use old rags as a cloth, or get bamboo scrubbers, or even silicone – which does break down 🙂

Who supplies your electricity and gas? I use pure planet (link gives us BOTH a £25 voucher for amazon) for 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, and save on average £300 per year compared to the ‘big 6’. Also did you know leaving your TV (and everything else) on standby accounts for around 10% of your bill – so switch it off – dont waste that money or energy!

Furniture, technology & stuff (haha)

So much stuff here, and I think we all know that we consume too much – furniture used to useable for generations, now it barely lasts 5 years, constantly changing every few years. Making products let alone their slow destruction takes energy, raw materials etc, so when you can reuse, give away for free – I use Gumtree to get rid of things I no longer need – often for free (I’ve had tvs, microwaves, chairs, kitchen items all for free – just need to be able to pick them up)

Clothing 👔

As above – so much of our clothing is now made in slave conditions in ‘poorer’ countries, using man made fibers that don’t necessarily decompose, so where you can repair and swap/charity shop it.

I also know that hellium is a natural resource and as such is limited, and is used in medical equipment (MRI I think\) so i don’t buy hellium 🎈🎈🎈balloons and I also won’t release them to ‘heaven’ as they end up as waste in fields, and can even cause damage to animals as they try and eat them or get tangled in them. The paper lanterns 🏮 also do the same, and have been know to cause fires – so I don’t use them any more either.

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