What is mental health

This week and month is mental health awareness month. I think for us in the west coast of scotland we aren’t good at ‘feelings’ and mental health generally.

We have learned to just power on through, and not talk about it, and we don’t learn how to support people who need it, phrases like dont cry over spilt milk, och theres plenty of fish in the sea, time heals all etc etc. Whilst i do agree that time heals, and that for most people other fish will be caught and that its not really a big deal (in the grand scheme of things) if you’ve split your milk. but actually in the moment of your lovely brand new carpet being damaged by your spilt milk you are perfectly within your rights to be upset by it! We haven’t learned to be okay with discomfort.

Mental health, in my opinion, is a result of the stories we create based on feelings we have and don’t necessarily know what to do with. even simple things like the ‘weather is miserable’ creates a story that its a bad day – who wants to live in misery!

Chinese medicine has a beautifully simplistic understanding of what emotions are and what they mean, and I know that for me, that understanding gives me much greater acceptance and guidance of what i feel, and gives me the opportunity to create the stories, and make the changes i need to make to support good mental health.

If you would like to know more then come along to my talk to learn a new way to consider what your feelings mean.

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