Winter Equinox

I think this is possibly my favourite time of the year.

The dark cold nights sooth me – they give me permission to slow down.

To appreciate the wonder of the universe looking up at all the stars.

It reminds me to create abundance in my life by celebrating every day luxuries.

Imagine how you would feel if you took the time to create moments of luxury – creating that gratitude for the simple things that make life wonderful.

Create a nurturing enviroment

It could include a long hot bath with a meditation, curling up under a fluffy blanket with a good book, dancing in your living room to your favourite tunes, to having a cuddle with your loved ones watching a fabulous feel good Christmas move, enjoying a beautiful, delicious home made nourishing bowl of soup with amazing crusty bread.

All of these activities are Yin in nature – and in the winter this is what we need to try and live, and nourish within ourselves – a slowing down, nurturing, soothing time of year.

Make the most of it

Take the time you give yourself, even if just a couple of minutes, to reflect on the year you had. Consider what has gone well and areas where you aren’t entirely content.

What can you improve upon?

Your health? Have you had a chronic condition that has limited you in some way – stopping you doing your prayers, limiting your exercise, affecting your sleep?

Your relationships: are you having the type of relationships you want with your friends/family/partner?

Your diet: do you think there is room for improvement? are you looking for a sustainable way to manage your diet and therefore health and well-being?

Your Mental Health? Has your anxiety or depression limited your life – stopped you going out, stopped you enjoyment, left you feeling flat and exhausted?

Your fitness levels? are you able to do the things you want to without feeling like your going to keel over?

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