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Mental Health

Just like we ALL have physical health, we have mental health, the are both spectrums where it can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Getting support for mental health should be as ‘normal’ as getting help for a headache or back pain.

There are lots of factors that can affect our mental health, from a specific event like a marriage breakdown, abuse or grief, to how we are raised. In addition, what we choose to eat affects our mental health (there is growing evidence that the diversity and health of our gut flora directly affects our neurotransmitter production, thus influencing our mood e,g, The gut microbiota and mental health in adults) who we surround ourselves with, the stories we tell ourselves (which are usually the stories our parents and peers told us). This is such a wide and varied area of health that we feel deserves its own space and attention.

How we can help you improve your Mental Health

The TCEAM medical model doesn’t separate physical and mental health – they both impact on each other.. chronic pain often causes and is linked to depression, gut health and anxiety are often linked.

Paula combines her degree’s in psychology and acupuncture along with coaching to create a safe space in which you can get the support you need to improve your mental health, to create better coping mechanisms, to free you from your anxiety or depression, remove the dependance on unhelpful coping tools like food or alcohol, to learn to LOVE life on life’s terms, to create that sense of joy in the simple things, allowing you to go out again without fear, to FEEL it all.

I get it: I too have struggled

Paula (and Michelle) have both experienced their own mental health struggles, with diagnosed eat disorders, depression, suicide ideation, crippling social anxiety as well as living with other, wider family members, who too have struggled, from alcohol dependance to uncontrolled rage. You can read more about Paula’s story here.

They have both worked hard to improve themselves, getting support for their mental health, and see it as a forever journey to self improvement – there is always room to be better

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