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Paula has made a big old change - and is now the Co founder of Elevate: Health and Well-being 


Her vision remains to offer natural, evidence-based therapies in a safe, inclusive environment to help folks to restore their vitality – to Elevate their health and life!

The therapies available to book: acupuncture, abdominal (hara) massage, cupping (dry),  pregnancy massage, cosmetic acupuncture, and health coaching is also available

Who we work with?

We work with adult humans (male, female and everyone in between) who are ready to take back control and responsibility for their health.  We don’t expect ‘perfection’ just an open mind to the possibility that there are things that YOU can do to improve your own health, with a little nudge from us.

We promise to
  • Provide a safe space where you can be fully you

  • Offer non judgemental advice on simple things you can change – no NEEDS, simply COULDS

  • Accept you exactly as you are (whether you implement our suggestions or not!)

  • Celebrate your achievements – even if you don’t

  • Give realistic expectations on what we can help you with and discuss appropriate time scale, dosage of treatments etc.

  • Keep learning and growing ourselves.

  • Focus on getting you the best results we can

  • Ensure you are heard, respected and valued (and we expect the same back!)

  • Help you get back to doing the things you love to and want to do

Meet Paula

I offer a variety of therapies to help you look and feel your best. Whether you want relief from pain, support recovering from an injury, help and support with the menopause or period problems, managing your anxiety or improving your energy we have got you covered.  

The science to support what we do...

Not only do I have lots of reviews (google, facebook) of my acupuncture work over my time as an acupuncturist in Glasgow but there is lots of scientific evidence to support the tools, techniques and protocols we use as part of our treatments.


Science is, to Paula’s mind, the study of how and why things work and the current gold standard is to have a “Randomised Control Trial” (RCT), it helps to reduce potential biases and increases the likelihood that the thing being examined (i.e the technique in our case) is the thing that has made the difference by trying to control as many other factors as possible. Arguably, this is very difficult when it comes to human health – all other things are NOT equal when someone has knee pain for example and as such if you’ve ever read any research it almost invariably concludes with ‘more research needed’.

The nature of RTC’s means that they look at a very specific symptom when looking at health, and control the age, gender, and as many other factors as they can. These trials are expensive, and time consuming, and the nature of research means that there is ALWAYS more needed and more continually being done. These general limits to research reduce/limit what we can say we can “treat” – as there has to be a significant body of evidence to support what we can say, which is a great thing – means folks can’t LIE in their advertising!

How we get results: evidence-based practice.

The therapists all practice evidence based medicine, the techniques and tools we use are well documented in their effectiveness of treating certain conditions, and with our expert knowledge and experience we can extrapolate this to also treat things that have yet to get the scientific backing.

For acupuncture the best resource Paula has found, and use is The summaries are great for non academics, and those interested can get information on the trials to read more should they wish

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