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How can observing trees help you thrive

While out walking today, observing the bending, shaking and curving of the trees responding to the wind, it got me thinking about change and flexibility!

We are still in spring - the Element of Wood:

Wood symbolises:

  • strength - we use it to build all sorts.

  • determination - plants will FIND a way through the most unlikely of places

  • change - from seemingly dead trees in winter to full of life in summer

  • growth - of that inbuilt desire all living things have to survive, to thrive.

Agent of Change

The sudden shift in the weather, with the strong winds and rain today - in complete contrast to the last few days (dare I say weeks?), reminds me of how changeable life is. A shift in weather can change our mood - I really didn't want to put on my waterproof jacket and boots today, I have LOVED being in t-shirts and sandals. I thought about how that wind was so directly influencing Wood, and watched the trees, plants all swaying, bending with the wind - and recognised that requires a strong health plant - to tolerate such change.

Nurturing your ability to be flexible, to surrender to that which you cant control is HOW you thrive. I also thought about how ingenious and resourceful us Scots have always been - a tiny population responsible for a HUGE number of inventions - and I think that ability comes from our ability to be flexible, we have to adapt to EVER changing weather on our wee tiny corner of this planet - we have more weather fronts influencing us than anywhere else in the world!

Being flexible

In order to be flexible, to thrive regardless of external circumstances, we have to be rooted. The stronger our roots the better we are able to stand strong. My values are my roots, the more I stay true to them, the more I allow my values to guide my choices, my decisions the more I stay true to me, and am not pulled off my feet by the ever changing world - by all the demands, the expectations, the priorities of others, but instead continue to grow and thrive in the best way I can.

Such flexibility in the trees to withstand the ever changing environment also requires good health - if the tree is lacking in nutrients it will be brittle, and break under the strain - the same goes for our health, both physical and mental. We cannot control our external environment, but by looking after ourselves the best way we can, with diet, with exercise, with rest and with emotional intelligence, we can stay strong and tolerate any changes that come our way - we might lose the odd branch along the way, but that always allows for new growth.

Finding YOUR healthy optimum

Like plants, there is no "one size fit all" when it comes to what good health is for you. Some plants thrive in the desert - but would perish in the tropics. Some plants need cover, need the protection of other, of shade, to flourish, others stand isolated, thriving it the most precarious of circumstances - on the edge of a cliff.

We also don't chastise our plants for not thriving - we change their environment - we work out what is going wrong for them and make adjustments, perhaps they are over watered, under watered, its the wrong soil, they aren't getting enough sun - or too much sun..

Learning what YOU need to thrive, to flourish to live a full, vibrant life - is the key to creating your most vibrant self. Life is a continuum, humanity is a continuum, health both physical and mental is also a continuum - work out where you are on it, and where you want to be.

If you need help getting there get in touch

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