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Natural options for your dogs

Not sure if you've ever thought about it, but animals and humans can both support their health using natural products. Whilst I am a fully qualified acupuncturist for humans, I have not done any training on animals and to be honest, my boy who behaves perfectly for others will barely let me groom hiim let alone needle.. so decided to do some research for other options to help my poorly wee dog with his subluxing patella and subsequent arthritis I've been doing some research - and found this wonderful woman, Lisa who I asked to write a wee bit about herself and what she does to introduce you to her should you also wish for your beloved pets to get some natural healing on the go!

Here is what she had to say

Hello, I’m Lisa, Chief Crazy Dog lady here at Whole Dog Care

My journey started back in 2009, when I was disillusioned with the corporate world and decided that I wanted to spend more time with my dog Ziggy.

So I hatched a plan and a few months later my dog walking company was formed.

In January 2010, I left my full time job to pursue my dream (my parents and husband were horrified

to say the least – 5 years at uni to walk dogs!)

My business thrived and I was so privileged to work with amazing dogs every day, however when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, this made me stop and take stock of where my business was going and what we needed as a family.

During this time we had added Zane (another dog) and Caoimhe and Cillian (our 2 human children)

We’ve now also added Zak our Cocker Spaniel pup.

I was working long hours and staffing, I won’t lie was causing much stress.

Over the years, I developed a keen interest in holistic therapies and also essential oils/

aromatherapy and whilst I had gained qualifications in these areas, I had not managed to implement these into my business.

My dream was to have a range of natural every day and health care products for dogs, so I made full use of the lockdowns and the fact that no one needed a dog walker and I worked on and perfected the product range.

I also created my own take on holistic therapies I’d learned and perfected these for dogs.

There was also a burning desire to create a safe space where owners could seek 100% natural advice and treatment for their dogs, so the Dog Health Clinic was born!

Here at Whole Dog Care, my mission is simple, to empower owners to care for their dogs as naturally as possible, without the use of any toxins and chemicals, all whilst helping them to save money and increase their bond with their dogs.

You can be sure to have complete peace of mind as well as over 14 years working with dogs in a

professional capacity, I have experience/ knowledge and qualifications in the following areas:

  • Animal handling

  • Animal behaviour and psychology

  • Dog training

  • Pet first Aid

  • Dog physiotherapy

  • Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Animal Energy Healing

  • Reiki Grand Master

  • Canine Massage

  • Animal Herbalism

I love to learn and this in turn helps dog owners to improve the lives of their dogs.

Whole Dog Care now provides courses which owners can do at their own pace in the comfort of

their homes, as well as our dedicated Dog Health Clinic where owners can seek bespoke advice and care plans for their dogs.

I have also created a range of off the shelf products to ease day to day care of our dogs in the most natural way, everything from natural Flea and Tick Repellent to Joint Care. (Paula adding in here that the golden turmeric paste has been a real game changer for my wee arthritic boy - other one gets it too preventatively!)

Whilst pharmaceuticals certainly have their place, I believe very much as a last resort.

Nature provides in many forms the healing our dog’s bodies need and I intend to start a revolution,

enabling as many dog owners as possible to join in.

You can find all of the courses and products on our website

PS want help with YOUR health.. you might enjoy this post about anxiety, or this about pregnancy

(PPS if you ever need some training for your doggo there is someone else Id highly recommend Gillian of Ethical Dog Training)

PPPS you can also hear me talking on her podcast here

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