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Material: lead-free ceramic
Size: L19xH6xW9cm
Capacity: 250ml
Colour: Green


A must have for those who suffer from allergies, blocked sinuses, cold symptoms, sinus infections, snoring and pregnancy related sinus issues.

The neti pot removes dust, pollen, mucus, and environmental irritants.

Protects and refreshes your nasal passages.

The neti pot can be used daily or can be used when your sinuses feel blocked or stuffy.


  •  Easy to clean – Sanitize in the dishwasher. Unlike porous plastic pots, this ceramic neti pot is easy to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Easy to heat - Safely heat in the microwave
  • Comfortable - The snout of the neti pot fits your nostril comfortably and creates a seal for the comfortable passage of water.
  • Chemical Free - Enjoy optimal nasal and sinus health without harsh or expensive chemicals.


The neti pot enables you to pour a nasal rinse into your nostrils which
will flush out any irritants and thin out mucus. This creates less
congestion making it easier to breathe through the nose.

250ml Ceramic Neti Pot Nasal Wash System Cleaner Nose Washing Kit

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