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Moxibustion is part of Traditional East Asian Medicine, it is used to warm and nourish acupuncture points, and sooth sore muscles. 


The mini versions are attached to the skin via a wee sticky pad.  

72 sticks included.


Paula recommends using 3 sticks per point per treatment.  


The sticks come in 2 varieties. 

Smoke: this is the purer version of the herb (English: Mugwort) this is the prefered choice, but it can set of smoke alarms, its a herby/smell that can be a bit clingy, but the aroma does enhance the treatment.

Smokeless: the herb is treated to remove the smoke element, which is great for asthmatics, or those with allergies, it also burns a wee bit hotter. 



Full instructions available as a PDF and you can contact Paula to discuss where is best to place the moxa if she has recommended it to you. 


There is a Japanese legend of a man who lived to 243, he was asked his secret to longevity and his answer was that he used moxa on the point Three Leg Mile (ST36) on a regular basis.. whilst we can't promise such a long life, we can assure you that the technique of warming this point has been shown to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and help to relax you and improve overall well-being. 


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