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About Paula

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I have been raised to be a bit of an adventurer, to explore, to learn, to walk through life with an open heart and an open mind, and I like to live by the rule of "why not – try it twice just to be sure".

I have a big heart, cry easily - you tell me a sad story – you’ll see a tear or two, I also laugh a LOT, I was once complained about in a clinic for laughing too much with my patients! I am happily imperfect – and love that I am on a journey of self-exploration and improvement, and that I get to share that knowledge with others.

I have always marched to my own beat, and quite actively don’t follow the ‘trends’. I am open to learn, to change and see myself as the phoenix, forever reinventing and changing to rise again.

Why Paula became an acupuncturist

I was brought to the world of natural medicine while living in South Korea.. I found a wee class doing an exercise I now can’t remember the name of – but a bit of a tai chi, martial art and yoga type of deal – but also with some endurance exercises specific to you at the end. It was a glorious wee couple that owned and ran the centre and I think they kind of adopted me, I’d go for dinner, hang out most evenings.. and slowly but surely started getting treatments from them both. He gave the most incredible deep, abdominal work (which I now try to replicate), she did reflexology and energy work, and I really enjoyed the time with them, the feelings, their support in reconnecting with my body etc.

But one day I rocked up with my arm all bandaged up and he suggested acupuncture.. and from that moment I was mesmerised, I was lucky enough to be allowed to watch other peoples treatments as well as continue my acupuncture care with him – as well as still getting reflexology and massage – but acupuncture soon became my focus to receive.

Roll forward a few months, I’ve decided to return to the UK and from what felt like nowhere , I knew acupuncture was what I was going to do with my life. Before leaving South Korea I had discussed with my family a return to an undergraduate course. Quite serendipitously my father had not long left Scotland and was living near Manchester – which is where I had chosen to go back to Uni – so I had it all planned thanks to his generosity in letting me stay with him to begin with.

Timing wise I had an academic year to kill before I could start my degree so decided to do a massage course, to get me back into study mode and get me used to working with the wondrous human form.

I complete my degree having had my mind blown over and over and over – acupuncture, the Chinese Medicine Model is such a different way of thinking, not just in terms of the body, but it was an entirely new approach to considering our existence.

Acupuncture experience at its Origin

I then with a few of my fellow graduates head off to China for a month to learn from doctors there and explore a bit too.. I'll write more on that in the future – but it was genuinely a really reassuring trip – my time learning/observing with the doctors affirmed that my degree training was legitimate - that I was doing the same sort of things as they were – I felt reassured.

I then moved back to Glasgow in 2007, having lived away from my home for 6 years, got myself a job in a call centre (again!) and found somewhere to begin practicing my acupuncture from – Woodland Herbs. The rest as they say is history – I have worked ever since offering my skills my knowledge, my opinions, sharing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to anyone who will listen.

Opened my Acupuncture Practice in Glasgow

I am now 15 years in (2022) and I absolutely adore what I do still, it really doesn’t feel like work to me, if anything I love it even more now than I did when I started. I spend my days with other people, both online and in person, helping them to explore ways to feel better, using not just needles, but offering ideas, plans, tools to use to help empower them to take control of their own health journey. Your choices and lifestyle affect your health - and in my opinion it is absolutely within your control to positively influence your health and well-being.

Previous incarnations of my earning self included a teacher, a counsellor (of sorts), a call centre worker, a sexual health advisor, data entry clerk, office junior, shop worker, and of course some hospitality work (is there a student that hasn’t?) and a trainee hairdresser.

Non work Paula

Outside of how I earn a wage I enjoy leisurely walks on the the beach and the woods, I swim and do yoga very regularly, and recently re started a Qi Gong practice.

I love having a wee project or three on the go, and love a bit of decorating, a bit of upcycling and papercrafts – including origami bouquets. Recently I’ve also discovered a love for indoor plants and am currently nurturing quite a collection of succulents and carnivorous plants.

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