My thoughts on feelings

Emotions are our bodies way of saying something ain’t right – listen to it – and allow it – if the same thing comes up over and over and over again (and not necessarily appropriate) then do something about it – see me (acupuncturist), get some talking therapy (i can recommend a few folks), get out in nature, change your job, whatever it needs to be – listen to your body and respond.

Acupuncture: New Patient Information

Welcome and congratulations on making the CHOICE to improve your health naturally with acupuncture and massage techniques. Rest assured that we are FULLY qualified, insured and licenced practitioners, who want nothing more than to help you find the best way to improve your health and well-being, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. […]

Acupuncture during Lockdown

Acupuncture during lockdown IS available in our Glasgow City Centre clinic during this pandemic, providing a natural way to care for you and your body and mind. Both in person and online treatments available. Please note as of 26th Feb 2021, despite being an accredited Health Care Professional the Scottish Government released new guidance that […]

Thoughts from a Windy dog walk!

While out walking today, observing the bending, shaking and curving of the trees responding to the wind, it got me thinking about change and flexibility! We are still in spring – the Element of Wood: Wood symbolises: strength – we use it to build all sorts. determination – plants will FIND a way through the […]

Female Empowerment is Equality for all.

For me empowerment is about equality – about helping us humans recognise that we have more in common than we differ.  It is about recognising, acknowledging and supporting EACH AND EVERY single HUMAN being to have the CHOICE, to have the same access to everything as everyone else does – regardless of anatomy, gender, sexuality, […]

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