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Treating the root

Have you tried all the NHS has to offer, tried different medications, done the stretches the physio gave you? The pills may have helped to mask the symptoms, but you are unhappy with not ‘fixing’ the problem – ignoring the root, all the while being give MORE medications to deal with the side effects of the OTHER medications..

Paula offers accredited acupuncture, cupping, pregnancy massage,abdominal massage (Hara) and clinical hypnotherapy  in a safe, inclusive environment tailored to suit EVERY BODY.

What we treat

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Pain Managment

We get that chronic pain is so much more than your uncomfortable symptoms. It can affect your
quality of sleep, your mood and stop you doing the things you love like golf, gardening, dancing, or even more day to day self care like cooking, or cleaning. Take the first step in taking back control of your health and book your session today.

Feel like your self ALL month long: Natural support for anatomical female problems: PCOS, Endometriosis, menopause, peri-menopause and treatment for conditions relating to pregnancy including pregnancy massage, and labour preparation.

Get natural support for your mental health. Combining acupuncture, psychological techniques and coaching to help you get free from your anxiety or depression.

Essential Items


"I was recommended to visit Paula for acupuncture by a friend. I was in constant pain, taking large doses of medication and feeling like I had no choices. Paula took time to really listen to the issues I was having and was very supportive, explaining everything clearly and helped me understand what her treatment could do. Immediately after my first acupuncture session I felt an easing of pain which in turn helped give me a sense of control. I have not looked back. Since then I have relied on Paula's treatment to improve my quality of life she is amazing!"

- Elizabeth McV Manager, South Lanarkshire

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116 Elderslie Street, Glasgow, G3 7AW

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